Winter is a season that is busy with holiday preparations and family gatherings. You will also have to deal with snowy or icy weather. If you’re relocating in winter, you might feel stressed or overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to make moving in winter easier for you and your family.

Prepare Early

As soon as you learn that you will be moving, start the preparations. Begin packing boxes ahead of time with belongings that you don’t frequently use. The guest bedroom is a great space to pack first. You can also go ahead and box up out-of-season clothing and gear. Create a plan and pack a little each day. By moving day, you’ll be ready to load the truck and transfer your belongings to your new home.

When Moving in Winter, Get the New House Ready

Winter conditions can be harsh. Be prepared to deal with bad weather. This may include bringing a snow shovel to remove snow and ice on the walkway. Have an ice-melt product in your car to make the front steps and walkways safer for foot traffic.

Before moving day, call to have the utilities turned on. When the weather is cold, it will be nice to arrive at the new house and have lights and heat.

Moving in Winter: Pay Attention to the Weather

Whether you are moving across town or several states away, icy weather may slow the process. Storms can occur at any time. Be realistic about the weather conditions and how much time you will need to complete the move. Keep an eye on the forecast and road conditions to know what you’re dealing with.

Talk to the moving company about their plans for inclement weather. You may need to postpone a day or two until the weather improves. If you’re moving a long distance, it’s a good idea to plan for an overnight stay at a hotel in case you encounter dangerous road conditions on your journey.

Create a Winter Emergency Kit

When you’re traveling in winter, create an emergency kit for your vehicle. This should include a first-aid kit, blankets, drinking water, warm clothes, tow rope, a snow shovel, an ice scraper, and non-perishable snacks. In case you experience an emergency while on the way to your new home, you’ll have supplies to keep you safe and warm.

Dress in Layers When Moving in Winter

One of the most important tips for winter moving is to dress appropriately. Layer your clothing so you can add and remove pieces as the weather changes or if you get too warm when packing the truck. Be prepared with warm boots, hats, and gloves to keep the entire family comfortable during the move.

Pack Like a Pro

If you have cold-sensitive items, pack them properly so they are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Some belongings like electronics and medications may need to be transported inside your car, instead of in the unheated back of a moving truck.

Use sturdy moving boxes and pack clothing around fragile items. You will also want to pack heavier items on the bottom of your boxes and use packing peanuts or bubble wrap to protect your belongings.

Winterize the Car

Make sure your car is ready for the move. Winterizing a vehicle involves checking the antifreeze levels, changing the oil, and filling the windshield washer fluid. Inspect the tires to make sure they are in good condition and have good tread.

Winter moving can be a challenge, but with these tips, the process will be easier and hassle-free.

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