Summer is here, which means you can add lawn care to your list of home maintenance tasks. Maintaining a healthy lawn during the summer isn’t difficult. It only requires knowledge and a consistent effort throughout the warmer months.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn Requires Water

Every living thing needs water and your lawn is no exception. Keeping your lawn properly hydrated is key to keeping it healthy and green all summer long. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, your lawn may not need any more water. If you don’t get a lot of rain, water the lawn with sprinklers or a garden hose.

Cut the Grass to the Right Length

Trimming the lawn does a lot more than provide curb appeal. Keeping your grass at a healthy height will help it absorb the most sunlight, nutrients, and water. Mowing your lawn too short will starve the grass of nutrients and can slow root growth. The general rule is not to cut more than ⅓ of the total length. This allows for optimal absorption of sunlight and water while keeping the grass blades healthy and green. However, it’s worth noting that the optimal length can also depend on the type of grass, climate, and soil.

Mulch the grass while you mow. This means not using a bag and leaving the grass clippings on the lawn. These clippings are a natural fertilizer and a great way to maintain a healthy lawn.

Keep your mower blades sharp. Dull blades do a lot of damage by not making a clean cut. They will pull at the grass, which can damage the root system.

Applying Fertilizer for Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Fertilizer is food for your grass. It provides the nutrients your grass needs but might not be getting through the soil. Usually, fertilizer should be applied twice per year, but this depends on the type of grass and your climate.

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