Summer without air conditioning can be brutal. Use every trick available to keep the house as cool as possible. If installing an air conditioning unit is out of the question, use these 5 tips to cool your home without AC.

Use Fans to Cool Your Home Without AC

Fans are essential if you don’t have air conditioning. Ceiling fans work particularly well to circulate cool air around a room. In summer, make sure the ceiling fan is running in a counterclockwise direction for a maximum wind-chill effect. Table fans and floor fans are great options if you don’t want to deal with ceiling fan installation. Fans use less energy than air conditioning.

Close Blinds During the Day

Sunlight coming through the windows heats up the home. You’ll be able to keep the house several degrees cooler by blocking the sun. Use blinds or heavy blackout drapes to keep the windows dark. Thick curtains also insulate windows and keep warm air from coming in. While it may feel dreary to have all the windows covered during the middle of the day, you’ll feel so much more comfortable in a cooler home.

Let Night Air In to Cool Your Home Without AC

On summer nights, the temperature outside often drops to comfortable and cool temperatures. Open up some windows to let the night air in. Screens on the windows will keep bugs from coming inside, so install them if you don’t already have them. When the morning comes and the temperature rises, close the windows and the drapes.

Tricks for Staying Cool in Bed

A lower bed stays cooler because heat rises. Buy a bed frame that keeps the bed as close to the floor as possible. Use cooling sheets and a mattress pad to feel comfortable while sleeping, and point fans towards the bed.

Seal Gaps That Let Warm Air In

A well-sealed home stays better climate-controlled, even without air conditioning. Gaps around doors and windows let warm air from the outdoors inside, heating up the home. In some cases, installing new windows is necessary, which are better insulated and more airtight. Some windows can be sealed up with caulk to prevent air leakage. Weatherstripping around door frames is another easy way to keep hot air out.

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