When buying a house, expect plenty to do along the way. Using a real estate agent when purchasing a home will help you move through the process quicker and easier. Here are a few reasons why you should work with a real estate agent to complete the transaction.

1. Work with a Real Estate Agent to Find the Perfect House

Depending on where you want to live, there may be a good number of homes on the market. Don’t waste valuable time weeding through properties that don’t suit your needs. Work with a real estate agent to narrow down your search. Agents also have knowledge about upcoming properties so you can get a jump on new listings before they’re made public.

2. Easy Access to Properties

Sellers will often have a lock-box on the outside of their home so agents can access the property. It is convenient for the owner because many sellers like to leave the house during showings. The agent can arrange appointments for you, communicate with the owners, and give you access so you can tour the property.

3. A Real Estate Agent Helps You Navigate Contracts

If you work with a real estate agent when buying a home, you’ll get help with the paperwork and contract. There are many things to cover when making an agreement to purchase a home; it is not just about the price. Real estate contracts include other details, such as what conditions must be met in order for the deal to close.

4. An Agent is an Expert on Price

A real estate agent understands the fair market value of a property. They see pricing trends in the area and can help you recognize rising or falling property values. The agent will help you make a fair offer based on recent sales and current listings in the neighborhood. With this information, you’ll know what people are paying for property in a specific area.

5. Work with a Real Estate Agent Through the Negotiations

Using a real estate agent when buying a home means you have someone who is willing to negotiate on your behalf. They will advise you on what is normal and customary for buyers to pay for, what sellers pay for, and what costs are typically shared.

6. Agents Know Who to Hire

When you are under contract, you will need a home inspector to assess the condition of the property. Using a real estate agent when buying a home means you’ll get advice and recommendations on who to hire. Your real estate agent can also help you find specialized tradespeople, such as a termite inspector or heating and cooling professionals.

7. Using a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home Helps You Close Faster

Real estate transactions take time. There are many steps in the process, from the initial offer to the last signing at closing. Things need to be scheduled in order, and the agent can help make the calls and setup the appointments for you. Having someone tackle the timing of things frees you up to continue working and completing the items you’re responsible for as the buyer.

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