Your deck is the perfect place to relax and entertain guests while enjoying the outdoors. There are many upgrades for your deck that you can complete on your own or hire someone to do the project for you. Check out these affordable ideas to improve the appearance and functionality of your deck.

Save Money on Upgrades for Deck

Your budget plays a role in any home improvement project. While you don’t want to cut corners on safety, there are smart ways to save money. For example, using recycled materials is much less expensive than buying new lumber. You may be able to find some materials, like pallets, for free. You just have to haul them away on your own!

Pallets are an inexpensive material that you can use to add a privacy wall to your deck. Consider making it a living wall by training vines to grow on it or installing planters to the wall. Another way to save money is with a floating deck. A floating deck is less expensive to build because it is not attached to the house and doesn’t have stairs or railings.

Upgrades and Repairs for Your Deck

If your deck is older, some of the wood and fasteners may need to be replaced or repaired. Staining and waterproofing the materials gives your deck new life and extends its lifespan. Stain and seal your deck every 2-3 years depending on your climate.

Inspect your deck or patio from time to time. Take care of any loose boards or signs of rotting. Check the joints and the braces to verify that nothing has come loose. Unsecured railings, protruding nails, and rotting boards are unsafe and can cause injury.

If your deck gets hot in the sun, add some shade for your deck. Retractable awnings give you the option of leaving the deck open or covering it as you wish. You could also add a sun sail as a less expensive option.

Décor and Furniture

Your deck’s furniture and accessories set the mood of the area. Avoid filling it up too much or it will just look cluttered. Use waterproof furniture with cushions designed for the outdoors. Potted plants add life and color to the deck. Some subtle lighting, like string lights, will let you enjoy your deck after dark.

Giving your deck more attention will make your outdoor space more enjoyable for the summer and fall.

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