Termites eat away at the structure of your house and cause expensive damage. Let’s look at the signs of termites in your home so that you can recognize them and act quickly.

1. Swarming Insects are a Sign of Termites in Your Home

Swarming insects are probably the only time you’ll actually see termites. A swarm makes it obvious that you need to take action. Termites leave the nest to start a new colony. If you notice them flying around your property, they are looking for a place to settle. Call a professional for an inspection to make certain they didn’t move into your home.

2. Discarded Wings are One of the Signs of Termites

Termites eventually leave their nest to start a colony. After finding a new home, termites discard their wings because they are no longer needed. If you see piles of termite wings in or around your home, then you know you have termites on your property. Because swarming termites are attracted to light, you are likely to notice discarded wings on window sills, by the door, under walkway lights, or near basement windows.

3. Signs of Termites in Your Home Include Mud Tubes

In order to find food, subterranean termites build mud tubes to travel through soil. The food source can be any cellulose-based products inside your house. You’ll typically see the tubes on or near the foundation. Termites use these mud tubes to protect their bodies from drying out.

4. Do You See Termite Frass?

Termite droppings are called frass. Frass is one of the most obvious signs of termites in your home. Frass looks like wood shavings or sawdust. Termites create mounds of droppings as they eat through a home’s wood. You may notice termite droppings outside of tiny holes in wood. Call for a professional inspection if you notice frass around your home.

5. Noises in the Walls

If you suspect termites, knock on your walls. Termites will shake their bodies and bang their heads against the wood when they feel threatened. They do this to warn the entire colony that danger might be close. You may be able to hear their noises inside the wall.

6. Look Outside for Signs of Termites in Your Home

Inspect the trees on your property. There will be small shavings around small holes where termites eat into the wood. You may notice discarded wings or mud tubes on the tree. The base of a tree is the first place to look for termite damage. Trees with termite damage are a sign that these pests are nearby.

7. Hollowed Wood

Check for hollowed wood both inside and outside your home. The basement and the attic are easy places to inspect because the wood is often exposed. Termites eat from the inside out when moving through a piece of wood. If you tap wood and it sounds hollow, then you most likely have a termite problem.

As a homeowner, take steps to prevent termites from invading your house. Look for these signs of termites in your home when examining your home and property. Call a professional at the first indication of a termite infestation.

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