Whether you have a small closet or a spacious walk-in, the space can get messy and disorganized fast. A cluttered closet looks bad and is difficult to use. You’ll struggle to fit your belongings into the area, and it will take longer than necessary to find what you’re looking for. Here are a few valuable tips to help you organize your closet.

Top Tips for Closet Organization

1. Declutter to Organize Your Closet

An important first step in organizing your closet is to clean it out. Don’t waste storage space on items you don’t want or need; keep only things you use regularly. Remove broken hangers and damaged storage containers, and create a space for dirty clothes so the laundry doesn’t get thrown on the closet floor.

2. Donate Items You Don’t Use

If you have items that you don’t wear, collect them in a box. As a box gets full, carry it out to your car. Donate these things to a charity next time you run errands.

3. Organize Your Closet by Category

An excellent closet organization tip is to group your clothing according to category. Keep your pants together, sweaters stored in the same place, and so on. This helps you find things quickly.

4. Use Divider Tags

If you have a small closet or share the space with another family member, divider tags help keep things separate. These tags hook directly onto your clothing rack and can be labeled to help you find things quickly.

5. Make Space for Shoes

Use a shoe rack to store and organize your footwear neatly. Keeping shoes off the floor creates a neater look and allows more space for other storage options. You might also choose to use a shoe organizer that hangs on the back of the closet door.

6. Add Drawers for Clothing Storage

If you have space on the floor of your closet, add drawers that fit in the space. Store clothes that need to be folded in the drawers, like sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans.

7. Use Labels to Organize Your Closet

Drawers, bins, and baskets are great options for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories. Use labels on these containers to quickly find what you need. Labels also encourage you to return an item to its correct storage place.

8. Hang Accessories

Save space and organize your closet by hanging accessories like scarves, bags, hats, and belts. Install hooks or clips on the closet walls to make good use of the space.

9. Install Closet Lighting

Although it won’t create more space, adding lighting to your closet will illuminate the area, helping you find things easily.

10. Use the Door to Organize Your Closet

Your closet door does not need to go to waste. You can add rods to the inside of your door to hang scarfs, belts, or even ties.

11. Vacuum Bags Help Save Space

To store items like out-of-season clothing, use vacuum-sealing bags for storage and place them elsewhere in the house.

12. Add a Jewelry Box

A jewelry box or tray is a great way to keep smaller items organized. This can be kept in drawers or a shelf in your closet or left on display in your bedroom.

13. Use Long-Term Storage

Store them somewhere else if you have seasonal items that you don’t often need. You’ll save space in the closet for clothing and accessories you use frequently. Use the basement or attic for storage or put out-of-season items in a decorative trunk or chest.

14. Add Another Closet Bar to Organize Your Space

Install a second closet bar below the first one if your closet is large enough. You’ll be able to double up on storage space for your clothing.

15. Make Use of the Space

Make a plan for the space. Design an area where you use the walls, door, and floor efficiently. Corner shelves are great for storing smaller items. Hang a tiered produce basket from the ceiling to hold gloves or small accessories. Add a small bookshelf to organize folded clothing, shoes, and hats.

These tips will help you declutter and organize your closet to have a clean and functional storage space.

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