When you build a custom home or move into a newly constructed home, you expect the building to be in excellent condition. All materials are new and there is no wear and tear or damage from a previous owner.

Because materials can be defective and contractors might make mistakes, many builders provide a builder’s warranty valid for a time period after construction. Before your warranty expires, consider these reason to order a builder’s warranty inspection for your home.

Before You Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Before you order a warranty inspection, it is important to understand your warranty’s coverage and exclusions. Because each builder’s warranty has different inclusions, exclusions, and coverage periods, take time to read through your warranty.

1. Time Is Running Out

Some builder’s warranties only provide coverage for a short period of time. You must file a claim before the warranty expiration date. This means that you will want to uncover property defects as soon as possible to allow ample time to file a claim if needed.

2. Uncover Hidden Issues

Some issues or construction defects will not create obvious problems for several years. These are problems that become your financial liability after the warranty period expires. If identified early enough by a home inspector, you can hold your builder responsible for any issues when you order a builder’s warranty inspection.

3. Potentially Save Money

If problems with major components are detected during an inspection, repair costs could easily be thousands of dollars. Issues like a leaking roof or foundation problems impact the structural integrity of the home and may have widespread consequences that affect other areas of the home. You’ll want to identify these problems before your builder’s warranty expires.

4. Prepare for the Future

Defects that are present in a new construction home could create issues when you attempt to sell the home. Buyers will hesitate if they learn that your home has foundation issues. By ordering a builder’s warranty inspection on your home, you are taking a step to prepare for a smoother sale in the future.

Homeowners find comfort in the fact that their home is covered by a warranty. Order a builder’s warranty inspection to determine if any damages or issues in your home are covered by the warranty.

Prudent Home Inspections offers builder’s warranty inspections, recommended around the 11th month of home ownership. Contact us to schedule a warranty inspection.