As the center of family activity, the kitchen is a great room to remodel to increase the value of your home. With kitchen trends changing often, now may be the perfect time to take on a kitchen remodel.

Modern kitchens are attractive to buyers, so it’s smart for homeowners to invest in keeping their kitchen up-to-date. It’s best to use neutral colors and elegant yet simple styles that have wider appeal. For most buyers, the kitchen is a deciding factor in buying a home.

Updating Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen’s cabinets are drab, consider replacing them outright. However, if they are in good condition, a fresh coat of paint or stain and new hardware will refresh them. Cabinetry is one area buyers will focus their attention on, so making a good first impression is important.

New Countertops for a Kitchen Remodel

Nothing dates a kitchen more than an older, unsightly countertop. There are a variety of surfaces to choose from, from concrete to marble to quartz, so choose one that aligns with your kitchen’s design. Nearly all kitchen remodels include replacing the countertops because of how important it is in the aesthetic of the room.

DIY Backsplashes

Handy homeowners can take on a backsplash project, which adds interest to any kitchen. Basic ceramic tiles, or even stick-on-tiles, can be turned into a stylish backsplash. Keep the design tasteful and complementary to the other colors in the room.

Add an Island for Your Kitchen Remodel

If your kitchen has enough space, adding an island increases both countertop and storage space. Kitchen islands can even have plumbing or electrical lines to house a dishwasher or range. Paired with a few stools, islands also serve as a bonus dining area.

A Note on Appliances

Contemporary appliances will make your kitchen stand out. The life expectancy of some newer appliances is upwards of 15 years if well maintained, so they don’t need to be upgraded often. However, If you’re considering selling your home and want to maximize the value, it’s worth installing a new set of stainless steel appliances that will make buyers love the kitchen.

Open Up the Space

Open floor plans are popular with buyers these days. If your kitchen is walled off and separated from other areas of the house, determine if any of the walls can be removed before you consider a kitchen remodel. Opening up the space will instantly make the kitchen and living areas feel larger and be perfect for entertaining guests.

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