People often assume burglars sneak in through a window or back door. But thieves sometimes enter through the front door. By taking steps to improve front door security, you and your family are less likely to face a criminal threat. Here are a few ways to boost home security, starting with the front door.

Replace Old, Worn Doors

If your front door is old and starting to crack or otherwise deteriorate, the best way to improve security is to replace it. Shop for a new door with a solid core. Look for a replacement door with a secure, easy-to-use locking mechanism.

Install a New Door Frame to Improve Front Door Security

Inspect the door frame. If it has signs of rot, is starting to pull away from the walls, or has cracks, a perpetrator could kick in the damaged frame and gain access to your home. To improve security, hire a professional to replace the door frame.

Some door frames include metal strike plates. These make the door even more secure and difficult for a burglar to kick in.

Add a Deadbolt

Having two locks makes the front door more secure. Deadbolts are challenging to pick compared to other locks. If you have basic DIY skills, purchase a deadbolt kit at a home improvement store and install it yourself. You will only need a drill and a screwdriver. Contact a locksmith or door installation company if you’re not comfortable doing this work yourself.

Install a Wi-Fi Camera

A Wi-Fi doorbell camera provides a way to check the front door when you’re not home. You will get a notification on your smartphone if there is movement near the entrance. If you receive an alert, check to verify it’s someone who is expected at your home, allowing you to contact law enforcement if needed. When you’re home, Wi-Fi cameras allow you to see who is at the door before opening it, which keeps you and your family safer.

Improve Front Door Security With a Smart Lock

With a smart lock, you can unlock your door remotely using your smartphone. Smart locks are a safer alternative to hiding a key for a friend or neighbor. You can also lock the door while you’re away so you won’t spend the day wondering if your home is secure. Smart locks allow you to create key codes for each guest, so you can track who has had access to your home.

To improve front door security, implement some or all of the tips above. You deserve to live in a safe, secure home, and that safety starts at your front door.

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