Get Your Home Looking Great for Fall

Curb appeal is how your home looks from the outside, and it’s always good to improve it. Well-kept homes with tidy landscaping are naturally inviting to visitors and buyers. When summer transitions into fall, your yard may be left looking a bit drab. To maintain the value and charm of your home, seasonal care is key. Here are 5 ways to upgrade your fall curb appeal.

A Tidy Yard For A Healthy Home

Raking fall leaves is a chore, but it’s beneficial for your lawn’s health and fall curb appeal. While you rake, check your property for cracks and frost heave around the foundation. If you notice uneven grass coverage, spread some grass seed, as early fall is ideal for seeding bare patches of lawn.

Make Repairs for Fall Curb Appeal

Well-maintained fixtures are a staple of curb appeal. A burned-out lightbulb, chipped paint, or sagging gutter not only limits the curb appeal of your home but could end up costing more to fix at a later date. A fresh coat of paint on your door improves the look of your home and adds a layer of protection.

The Final Fall Gardening

A garden full of dead flowers looks neglected. If your garden has annuals, remove them entirely, as they are likely dead. Perennials will grow back in the spring, but compost the dry flowers and leaves with your yard waste. A clean garden bed allows for remaining plants to shine and maximizes fall curb appeal.

Fall Curb Appeal Means Decoration In Moderation

When adding fall-themed decorations, keep it simple. Too many decorations look cluttered and can make a house appear smaller. A door wreath is seasonal and tasteful and can be complemented by a few gourds on the porch.

Improve Lighting

As the days get shorter, lighting the outside of your home will improve your fall curb appeal. Solar and low voltage lighting is efficient and economical. Not only will you brighten up your property, you’ll also enhance security.

Add light to the porch with wall-mounted sconces or temporary battery-powered lighting for special occasions like Halloween. For symmetry, install identical light fixtures in pairs opposite each other. A well-lit entrance is welcoming to guests and trick-or-treaters alike.

These simple tasks, from raking leaves to keep your lawn tidy and healthy, or adding lighting in entrances, gardens, and walkways for safety will maintain your home value while upgrading your fall curb appeal.

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