If you’re building a brand new house, you can customize the design and material choices. When creating your dream home, incorporate elements that add personality and functionality to the property. Here are a few features to customize your new home.

Customize Your New Home With In-Floor Heating

The addition of in-floor, radiant heating will make any home luxurious. This type of heating system is commonly installed beneath hardwood or tile flooring and is used in addition to the home’s HVAC system. Radiant flooring is energy efficient and heats your home quietly.

Built-in Storage

Discuss options for built-in storage with your builder. It’s easy to add bookcases on either side of the fireplace, by building them into the living room walls. Another underused space is the area beneath the staircase. Have the builder add shelves and drawers to increase storage space.

Extra Power Outlets

Every home uses electronic devices. Cell phones, tablets, video gaming systems, and kitchen appliances require power for operation. Have your builder install extra outlets in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and even on the outdoor deck.

Smart Home Technology

When designing your new home, add smart home technology. Install a thermostat that you control with your smartphone. There are security systems available that can be monitored and controlled from a mobile device. Lighting, blinds, and some appliances can also be connected to your cell phone.

Add More Garage Space to Customize Your New Home

Most homes can benefit from more garage space. Have your builder extend the width of the garage by a few feet. If there is space, add another garage bay. As a homeowner, you’ll use the garage for storing a lot more than just your vehicles. It’s a convenient place to create a workshop space or design a storage area to hold children’s toys, sporting equipment, and out-of-season clothes and holiday decorations.

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