The recent surge of remote work and flexible working hours has made an office in the home necessary. Here are a few ideas to create a home office and help you make the best of your space. With proper planning and well-chosen furnishings, you can build a comfortable office to boost productivity.

Home Office Lighting

Invest in good lighting for your workspace. Even in a tiny area, the right lighting solutions are crucial. Install task lighting above the desk in addition to the ceiling lights. Add a desk lamp and a free-standing floor lamp. Various lighting options allow you to adjust the illumination to meet your needs.

Place your desk near a window to make the most of the room’s natural light, as light can increase productivity. Position your workstation to face a window rather than your monitor screen. Use brighter lighting in areas where you must pay close attention to detail.

Create a Home Office with Wall Storage

If you’re working in a small office, make good use of the space, including the area directly over the desk. Use this vertical space by hanging shelves or creating a storage unit with labels.

When organizing the things you’ll store on the shelves, keep in mind they may not be accessible without a ladder. Above-the-desk storage is ideal for items you don’t need every day. You might use the space for family records or extra office supplies.

Flexible Workstation

Another home office idea is setting up a flexible workstation. Get creative and modify your space to include a desk in the living room. A corner of the room might be transformed into a generously sized workstation.

Create a comfortable space for the day that is easy to put away at night. Include a built-in desk that can be folded down for work and tucked up after business hours. A good seating option is a foldable chair, which can be folded and stored under the couch after use.

Use the Area Beneath the Stairs to Create a Home Office

Under the staircase is an often overlooked space. This area becomes a catch-all site for shoes, bags, or toys, while you could create a great home office there instead. Your workspace design will depend on the size and shape of the room.

A wall-mounted fold-down desk is an excellent option to save space. You’ll also want to plan for good lighting, as storage spaces beneath the stairs often have few or no light fixtures.

Color Ideas for Your Office

Color is important, no matter where you’re decorating. Choose light, vibrant colors and materials to amplify the illusion of spaciousness. Consider bright whites, lighter-toned wood, and shimmering metallics when working with a smaller space.

Add art that you enjoy and a cozy rug to add color to your home office.

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